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Networking Is Like Love: Leave Something to be Discovered

Sun setting in the Tucson Mountains, Tucson, AZ

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The mind is such that it loves discovery.  Even in nature, things have a mystery and attraction when they're only partially revealed--the sun behind the mountains, the moon behind the blooming saguaro. 

"When can we get together again?" asks the mind.  "I think I'd like to know more."

You're familiar with how this works when courting.  (There's an old-fashioned term that needs reviving!)

Business networking relationships between REALTORS and Lenders take root in a similar fashion.  There's a tendency (especially for men, but also for many women) to want to get our Bona Fides out there immediately, to prove our competence at one fell swoop.

It's usually too much.  Remember that the mind loves discovery, and the Law of Attraction (whether in love or business) is no exception to the rule. 

If you're a self-help junkie like I am, you'll have read Napoleon Hill.  Back when I was a little boy in 1954, he wrote for Success Unlimited magazine. "Americans are in a hurry," he said.  "Because of our impatience and haste to 'get on with it' we may give away an important advantage.." 

Be too intense--try too hard, and the result you so desire can die on the vine, having never had the chance to take root and flourish.

So leave something on the table for the next meeting.  Meanwhile, let your actions speak for themselves.


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Comment balloon 32 commentsMike Jones • June 03 2009 05:08AM


Cool! I like the picture of the cactus flowers and the sunrise/sunset...

Your building consultant for life in Nashville, TN

Posted by TeamCHI - Complete Home Inspections, Inc., Home Inspectons - Nashville, TN area - 615.661.029 (Complete Home Inspections, Inc.) over 11 years ago


Thanks for being the first to comment!  You're up early, and I'm up late!  LOL

Mike in Tucson

Posted by Mike Jones, Mike Jones NMLS 223495 (SUNSTREET MORTGAGE, LLC (BK-0907366, NMLS 145171) ) over 11 years ago

Be too intense--try too hard, and the result you so desire can die on the vine, having never had the chance to take root and flourish.

Which, to me, describes PUSH advertising.  An approach that inspired the "Do Not Call" legislation.

So leave something on the table for the next meeting. Meanwhile, let your actions speak for themselves.response…

PULL advertising, at it's best.  "This is what I can do to help.  If you need me, just call."


Posted by Lenn Harley, Real Estate Broker - Virginia & Maryland (Lenn Harley, Homefinders.com, MD & VA Homes and Real Estate) over 11 years ago

Well said. ..things worth having . . it takes time to mature. All relationships are the same.

Posted by Fernando Herboso - Broker for Maxus Realty Group, 301-246-0001 Serving Maryland, DC and Northern VA (Maxus Realty Group - Broker 301-246-0001) over 11 years ago

I have always been on a climb on being patient and steady. I analyze too much to push, but not to much not to enjoy the climb.

Posted by Nannette Hilliard, CDPE, ABR, CRS (Century 21 Zwygart Green County Real Estate) over 11 years ago


Patient and steady is the ticket.


Thanks for commenting; it's all about relationships, isn't it?


Your comment's to the point.  Sometimes I think the comments are better than the post!

Mike in Tucson

Posted by Mike Jones, Mike Jones NMLS 223495 (SUNSTREET MORTGAGE, LLC (BK-0907366, NMLS 145171) ) over 11 years ago

GOOD MORNING MIKE!  It was nice to log on and see you featured!  Beautiful photos and words!  --Gab

Posted by Gabrielle Kamahele Rhind, Broker/Owner (KGC Properties LLC, Tucson Property Management & Real Estate) over 11 years ago

Thanks for sharing your post with us this morning. I found it very informative and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Keep blogging

Posted by Harry F. D'Elia III, Investor , Mentor, GRI, Radio, CIPS, REOs, ABR (RentVest) over 11 years ago

Thanks for sharing - very good and I did enjoy reading it and I also liked the pictures!  Have a great day!

Posted by Norma J. Elkins, Realtor - Elkins Home Selling Team ( Elite Realty Group) over 11 years ago

Thanks for sharing your post this morning. I am here with my cup of coffee. Please continue to blog more information.

Posted by Eric Villaverde (DoubleTree Home Inspection Services L.L.C.) over 11 years ago


Excellent points - no wonder you earned a gold star. Now I'll have to analyze whether I'm leaving enough on the table. Nice pictures too!

Posted by Irene Kennedy Realtor® in Northwestern NJ (Weichert) over 11 years ago

Very, very interesting.  Great insight.  Thanks for the post.

Posted by Lester Wilkins (Blue Water Home Loans NMLS# 166527) over 11 years ago

So true. I always thought that online marketing in the era of permission based marketing was like a seduction. I like your use of the word courting better.

Posted by Joe Pryor, REALTOR® - Oklahoma Investment Properties (The Virtual Real Estate Team) over 11 years ago

Great post and so true.....and when I think about it more and more it reminds me of a teenage first date.

You did not go for the first kiss on the first date, you worked up to it....


Posted by Bettina Settles, Your Indiana Connection over 11 years ago

Nicely said. As agents I think we often try to bring everything to the table when meeting buyers and sellers and all we accomplish is overwhelming them with too much information.

Posted by Barb Szabo, CRS, E-pro Realtor, Cleveland Ohio Homes (RE/MAX Trinity Brecksville Ohio) over 11 years ago


Thanks.  Overwhelming is a good word in this context.


"Don't go for the kiss on the first date."  Love it!


So do I; thanks for commenting.




It's good to see you; thanks for taking the time to comment.


I will.  Same to you.


You too.  Thanks!


I'm glad you liked it.


Thanks.  I was just thinking the same about your featured post!  :)

Mike in Tucson

Posted by Mike Jones, Mike Jones NMLS 223495 (SUNSTREET MORTGAGE, LLC (BK-0907366, NMLS 145171) ) over 11 years ago


I'm Guilty! I didn't court Brenda, we decided to marry 12 hours after we met almost 39 years ago. I don't court life, I explore it! I can't wait to see over the next hill! Tomorrow can't come soon enough!

"When can we get together again?" asks the mind. "I think I'd like to know more." Amen!

 "Americans are in a hurry,"  Yes, we are and I for one thank God for it.

 Yes, lets get the "Bona Fides" out of the way and do something! I think this is why we blogg to let people know who we are.

 I love Napoleon Hill, I've read all his books, but in 1954 most of my books contained the line "See Spot run."

"Be too intense--try too hard"  Raised a farm kid, life was lived to the put-put tempo of an old John Deere 50. Farmers are the ultimate optimist, keeping their eye on the goal and doing what they can each day to move towards that goal. That is a lesson every real estate person needs! We can't do every thing today, but we can do some thing!

"leave something on the table" Absolutely! Hope, optimism, enthusiasm, and desire for your next project!

All I intended to say was nice photo.


A good tempo for life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ves_V6601JU

Posted by William J. Archambault, Jr. (The Real Estate Investment Institute ) over 11 years ago

It can be overwhelming at first for people. I always let them know both at first and when I'm leaving for the day that they can "always call me anytime with questions and concerns" 

Patricia Aulson/portsmouth nh real estate

Posted by Patricia Aulson, Realtor - Portsmouth NH Homes-Hampton NH Homes (BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HOME SERVICES Verani Realty NH Real Estate ) over 11 years ago


Being available sets you apart.  Many are not.


I LOVE your post!  I mean, your comment.  LOL 

12 hours into your relationship, you and Brenda decided to marry.  And that was 39 years ago!  You rock!  Brenda must be an awesome lady.

Mike in Tucson

Posted by Mike Jones, Mike Jones NMLS 223495 (SUNSTREET MORTGAGE, LLC (BK-0907366, NMLS 145171) ) over 11 years ago

Amen Mike! I agree and though never that shy myself, it took awhile to get the hang of networking in a comfort zone that fit me! I also believe that half of it is being available and showing up!

Posted by Russell Lewis, Broker,CLHMS,GRI (Realty Austin, Austin Texas Real Estate) over 11 years ago

Ya mean my Frantic Frannie routine won't work?  Some food for thought.  It is a delicate balance-keeping your name in front of people without going overboard.  Great photos, as always.

Posted by Rita Bradley, Valuation Consultant in Orange County California 949-916-3263 over 11 years ago

Frantic Frannie, (LOL)

It's good to see you, Rita!  I wonder how you and other appraisers are doing now that we lenders can't order your services directly.  And is it just me, or do you see the irony of mentioning "keeping your name in front of people" when the name Rita doesn't appear anywhere in your comment?  :)


Availability is certainly key.  Thanks for commenting.

Mike in Tucson

Posted by Mike Jones, Mike Jones NMLS 223495 (SUNSTREET MORTGAGE, LLC (BK-0907366, NMLS 145171) ) over 11 years ago

That she is! That she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tribute To A Lady / Decision Making

Posted by William J. Archambault, Jr. (The Real Estate Investment Institute ) over 11 years ago

Mike what a soothing post!  Great photos and words. Hmmmmm have you read Wayne Dywers new book Excuses Begone?  I've been a follower of his since college when he wrote his first book.  A lot of what you express comes from guys like Wayne and all the other 'spirtual' leaders of our time and before us. I think they know something!


How's isTucson doing? I haven't been down there in awhile.

Posted by Anna Banana Kruchten CRS CRB, Phoenix Broker, 602-380-4886 (HomeSmart Real Estate BR030809000) over 11 years ago

Good to see you back in the rain -- nice photos as always.

Posted by Bob & Carolin Benjamin, East Phoenix Arizona Homes (Benjamin Realty LLC) over 11 years ago

I do have to pull back sometimes and watching the reaction of the client is so important for me. Thanks for the reminder.

Posted by Terry & Bonnie Westbrook, Westbrook Realty - Grand Rapids Forest Hills MI Re (Westbrook Realty Broker-Owner) over 11 years ago

It's just like resumes. You don't want to turn in a stack of paper, just the sweet stuff. Good post.

twitter / Ian_at_DriveBuy

Posted by DriveBuy Technologies (DriveBuy Technologies) over 11 years ago

Wow. Definitely a must-do for all of us. I like the way you explained it. Consumers don't like the idea that you are trying to get them, but if you intrigue them enough, they'll definitely come your way more often.

Posted by William James Walton Sr., Greater Waterbury Real Estate (WEICHERT, REALTORS® - Briotti Group) over 11 years ago

Great post and awesome pictures Mike!

Posted by Dena Stevens Coriz, Putting The Real Into Realtor Since 2004 (Rocky Mountain Realty ) over 11 years ago

Mike - If everything is known - then what is left to wonder and reach for:-)  I've always said, life is about the lessons.  If you learn a lesson completely, another lesson will be given. . .But what if there were no more lessons?  LIfe must be a classroom!

Posted by Myrl Jeffcoat, Greater Sacramento Real Estate Agent (GreatWest Realty) over 11 years ago


What a perfect analogy.




You're welcome!  Thanks for stopping to comment.


I guess.


Thanks for commenting.


Thanks; I'm not back as consistently as I would like, but things are improving on the health front for Ginny, so I'll be over to see you soon in the Rain.


It's the case, isn't it?  Thanks for commenting.


Thanks for turning me on to Excuses Begone; I haven't read it.  You'll want to get back to Tucson.  Summer is the time when the Desert Museum is open at night.


Thanks so much for your kind phone call yesterday!  And for the link.  I'll be over to comment.

Mike in Tucson

Posted by Mike Jones, Mike Jones NMLS 223495 (SUNSTREET MORTGAGE, LLC (BK-0907366, NMLS 145171) ) over 11 years ago

Mike - I missed this post and it is wonderful and featured by the "Gods"!

Please take a look at this one ..........

If you live in Arizona (Mike Jones) how would you like to get out of the HEAT?

Let me know what you think!

Vegas Bob

Posted by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz over 11 years ago

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