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Rainy Day Open House: Tucson Estates 2, Tucson, AZ

Don't you want to curl up in front of the fireplace with a good book?

It rained like the dickens all afternoon!  I drove out to Ryan Airfield to see a new airplane.

Driving home from Ryan Airfield, I saw Janice Kauffman's Tierra Antigua Realty Sign at the guardhouse entrance to Tucson Estates II


1951 S Diamond D Drive, Tucson, AZ 85713

You already know how I feel about Tucson Estates II if you're a regular reader of my blog.  My Darlin' and I chose this mountain foothills community in 1998, and we love being surrounded on three sides of this green desert community by Tucson Mountain Park.

1951 S Diamond D Drive, Tucson, AZ is tucked away at the northwest corner of the community.  The owner and the builder collaborated to create an exquisite gem of a home.  I'm not going to list the features; click the link for that information. It's setting is one of a kind.

What I want to convey with my photos is the sense of place that envelopes you when you walk into this home.    On a day like this, I want to stretch out on that leather couch, with a fire crackling in that magnificent beehive fireplace!

Living room with beehive fireplace fronts on Tucson Mountain Park

Janice Kauffman showed me through the home, and then through the freestanding casita, but this is the room that drew me in.  You'll feel the same way.  Click the link above to schedule an appointment.

Tucson Mountain Park on a rainy March day.

Come home to Tucson!


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