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Mama Dove & Her Fledgling on Our Back Ramada in Tucson

Mike in Tucson: Dove on our back ramada

Mike in Tucson: Dove on our back ramadaWhen saguaros die, the "bones" of the cactus remain.  I think they are beautiful, and put this one up on our back porch in Tucson Estates 2.  ("Porch" is for the 90% of my readers who think "ramada" is some kind of hotel chain...)

Mama Dove decided that the top "arm" of the saguaro ribs would make just the right place to raise a family. 

She didn't budge when we walked beneath her the entire time she was sitting on her single egg.  The little fledgling above is the result of her diligence, and I took that photo about a week ago.

Yesterday, the little guy spread his wings and flew off.  We sort of miss him and his mama.


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