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A Day At The Beach, Tucson Roadrunner Style

Roadrunner all fluffed up, sunning herself

Roadrunner on the golf courseOkay, so Arizona doesn't have much beachfront.  Not yet, anyhow...

The chilly (45 degree) early morning air had this roadrunner sunning herself just to warm up! Turning her back to the rising sun, she exposes her dark undercoat to soak up the rays.

It's an important part of her morning ritual, since breakfast can fight back!  Here's the menu:

  • rattlesnake
  • scorpion
  • tarantula
  • lizard

She's got to be all limber and warmed up to survive her meal!  Not to worry, though.  Lunch will be served on the golf course. 

It's a good life here in Tucson.  Plan to visit soon!


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