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Wordless Wednesday: Nightfall in the Arizona-Sonoran Desert

Sonoran Desert Sunset: Kinney Road, Tucson Estates 2

~ Nightfall in the Arizona-Sonoran Desert ~

Kinney Road,
Tucson Estates II


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Comment balloon 27 commentsMike Jones • August 18 2010 10:09AM
Wordless Wednesday: Nightfall in the Arizona-Sonoran Desert
~ Nightfall in the Arizona-Sonoran Desert ~ Kinney Road, Tucson Estates II ___________________ (I don't copyright my photos anymore. I use them mostly for blogging and creating greeting cards for friends. ) Right click… more
Summer Saturday Nights: The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (It's a Zoo! )
What you're looking at is part of the Riparian Corridor at Tucson's Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. I was here to learn about bats~the world's only flying mammals. (Flying squirrels can't really fly; they're just real good at gliding. ).. more
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Speechless Sunday: Arizona Sunset Near Old Tucson Studios Movie Set
SUNDAY, JULY 11, 2010: GATES PASS ROAD NEAR OLD TUCSON STUDIOS (7:40 pm) (photo by Mike in Tucson is not copyrighted ) Right click, copy, and enjoy! ___________________ Click my Send Out Cards logo! Send a real card… more
106 Degrees in Tucson? Don't Feel Sorry For Us!
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Backyard Concert: The Object of His Affection
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Wildlife Up Close and Personal in Tucson
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Octopus Agave: Tucson's Jack In The Beanstalk
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