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Splurge A Little to Keep Your Spirits Up! Choc-Alot in Tucson. Food of the Gods!

Sean McMillan, owner of Choc-Alot in TucsonChoc-Alot logo invites you to splurge a little...Our BNI chapter meets every Wednesday for lunch.  We gather specifically for the purpose of referring business to each other. 

Sean McMillan is our Sugar Daddy!  No one in the chapter has any trouble referring themselves and their friends to this little gem of a business on the southeast corner of Broadway & Wilmot!

That apron that Sean's wearing says I want CHOCOLATE and I want it NOW!  You can relate, I'm sure. 

Choc-Alot's decadent chocolate-coated strawberries in the making

Sean's specialty is represented right there in the logo.  I wanted to see these beauties being made, because they're fantastic!  Huge ripe strawberries coated in decadent chocolate...  What's better?

Pretzels by Choc-Alot; dark chocolate with a white chocolate drizzleOkay, maybe salty pretzels coated in dark chocolate, with a drizzle of white chocolate on top.  These bad boys are my Darlin's favorites.

Out of town?  Snowed in up in Alaska?  Fogged in on the Bay of Fundy?

Choc-Alot will ship to your office so you and your friends can enjoy an up day in a down market.  They've been making people like you and me happy for more than 25 years.  (I know.  He doesn't look old enough, does he?

Click that Choc-Alot link to visit Sean's website.  Try not to drool on your keyboard...  And if you're coming to Tucson, let me know ahead of time.  We'll visit Choc-Alot together!

Gift cards are an inexpensive way to make a big hit with special clients!REALTORS & Lenders:  Gift cards will make a great impression on your clients.  They won't break the budget, either...

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I'm Mike in Tucson, your preferred Tucson, AZ Mortgage lender.
Mike Jones (Tucson Mortgage Company, LLC): Loan Officer in Tucson, Pima County, Arizona
Think of me as your Tucson mortgage expert and chocolate lover.

Call me if I can help you with a purchase or refi mortgage;
(520) 349-9090

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