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Jimmy Stewart's Prediction: Chance Of Rain, 10%

Thunderhead from Signal Hill Picnic Area, Saguaro National Park West

Chance of rain, 10%.  Overnight low in the 60's.  That's what Jimmy Stewart, our Channel 4 Weatherman, predicted on last night's news for the Tucson area.

Look at the downpour in the center right of the photo.  This is a true desert thunderstorm.

When it rains here in our desert southwest, we rarely have the sort of storms I experienced back on Long Beach Island, NJ, where the entire sky would scud over with low gray clouds, and the rain or drizzle seemed to be universal.

Here in our quiet little community of Tucson Estates 2, (east of the Avra Valley, and west of the Tucson Mountains) what you see in my photo is much more the norm.  It will be pouring down rain somewhere else, while the sky above us is blue.

Chance of rain, 10%.  What it means is that 90% of the viewing area will stay dry.  It sure makes for a beautiful photo op, though, doesn't it?  Picture postcard perfect!  You'll have to come visit soon.


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