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Icon of the Desert: The Giant Saguaro Cactus

Saguaro fruit, Tucson, AZ by Mike in Tucson

Saguaro fruit, Tucson, AZ by Mike in TucsonGiant Saguaro Cactus at sunset, by Mike in Tucson2,000 of those tiny seeds, when dried out, will easily fit into the cap of your canteen.  Oh.  You're not from the desert southwest, and you don't have a canteen.  Okay.  They'll fit into the plastic cap of your G-2 sport drink bottle.

Either way, what you're looking at there in my grand-daughter's gloved hand is the ripe fruit of the Giant Saguaro Cactus. 

It's food to every desert-dwelling creature creative (or lucky) enough to get some.

White winged doves perch on the top of the cacti, gorging themselves on the seeds.  In the process, some get dislodged, and fall to the desert floor, where everything from the smallest mouse to coyotes consider it a delicacy.

Ancestral Indians considered the fruit a delicacy too, and harvested it using long poles created from the dead ribs of fallen Giant Saguaros.

Now you know.


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