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A Recurring Theme For Success: Bloom Where You're Planted!

Bloom where you're planted: Mike in Tucson

Bloom where you're planted: Mike in TucsonBloom where you're planted!  (If you're a pessimist, move on.)

Compare and contrast the environment for two identical, thriving cacti. 

The little guy on the left has all the luck!  Of course it's doing well!  He sprouted where there's soil for his roots, shade from that bush on the right, and level ground to retain water from the monsoon rains.

The cactus above has none of that.  The only soil to nourish its roots is that which blows into the rock crevice during a dust storm.  Perched eight feet above the desert floor on barren rock, he has no shade from the scorching sun.  Nearly all the precious moisture that comes during the monsoon season runs off the rock face to the desert floor below, and is unavailble to the cactus.

Using only resources that are available, each has survived in its own environment.  Both are perfectly healthy.  Both are in bloom. Both will set seed and reproduce.  Both are secure.  And if those flowers are any measure, both are confident in their future.

Positive Results In A Negative Environment

Security and confidence are necessary to us as well.  They are nourishment and rain.  They are the underpinning that allows us to grow as business people and as individuals.

Here's a secret.  Neither security nor confidence come from our environment ~ from our economy.  If you're truthful with yourself, you'll agree that we live in a negative environment right now, much like that little cactus in the top photo.

Security and confidence come from action, from moving forward now on the things we CAN control, and refusing to worry about the things that are beyond our control.

Seth Godin, in his new book Linchpin, says this regarding attachment to things we can't control:

Spending even one [brain cycle] on a situation out of our control has a significant opportunity cost.  Your competition is busy allocating time to create the future, and you are stuck wishing the world was different.  We're attached to a certain view, a given outcome, and when it doesn't appear, we waste time mourning the world that we wanted that isn't here.

  1. Accept your situation. 
  2. Improve it. 
  3. Bloom where you're planted.


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A Recurring Theme For Success: Bloom Where You're Planted!
Bloom where you're planted! (If you're a pessimist, move on. ) Compare and contrast the environment for two identical, thriving cacti. The little guy on the left has all the luck! Of course it's doing well! He sprouted where… more