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Cougar. Mountain Lion. Tigre'. Whatever You Call Her, You're Going To Like This Zoo.

Cougar.  Mountain Lion.  Tigre'.

Cougar.  Mountain Lion.  Tigre'.  The Indians I grew up with in Suriname, South America never saw one of these North American cats.  The one they feared was the Jaguar.  They called it "Kai Kwi."

Don't come to Tucson without visiting the Arizona - Sonora Desert Museum.  It's one of the world's ten best zoos.  This magnificent cat isn't cooped up in a 20 x 20 cage with a concrete floor.  She's the beneficiary of some of the most forward thinking zookeepers on the planet.

My Darlin' and I live six miles from the "Desert Museum."  Most of that six miles consists of Tucson Mountain Park (surrounding our little neighborhood of Tucson Estates II) and Saguaro National Park West.

Talk about blessed!  Come visit, and let us share it with you.  If you like it here, I know some great REALTORS, and we can talk about a mortgage...  I'm good at that.


I'm Mike in Tucson, and I blog here on the Active Rain Real Estate Network just about every day.

I'm an internet based mortgage lender who happens to reside in Tucson, Arizona.  Read my blog, and get to know me.  The internet allows me to perform at the highest level of trust and productivity for clients anywhere in the world.  At the moment, we're completing purchase loans in less than 30 days for US Citizens in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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