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Attraction Is The Main Thing

The spines on this cactus are black and white.

I know we're a real-estate-related community, and at first blush, this wouldn't look like a real-estate-related post.  At first blush, I said...

The hummingbird is made from scraps of tile left over from a builder's construction site.The essence of buying a home is attraction.  One neighbor told me that she made the decision to buy a particular house in our neighborhood because of a piece of rock art by Otto Krein, who made this hummingbird and lizard from scraps of leftover tile gathered at a builder's construction site.

Otto and his family lived here for more than a decade before moving back to Pennsylvania recently.  While he was here, Otto worked for our HOA in landscape maintenance.

The boulders graced by his art are not in anyone's yard.  They sit on streetcorners, and were initally intended to keep construction vehicles from cutting the corner too closely.

Otto knew that he could transform plain rocks into an attractive visual comment on our neighborhood of Tucson Estates II. 

He did a great job, didn't he?

That cactus flower from my front yard is intended to attract you, the reader, to stop and stay for awhile. 

Looks like it did the trick.  :)


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