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Networking & Making Friends: Just Because YOU Don't Like Her...

Photo on Michael Thornton's Active Rain blog

I subscribe to Michael Thornton's blog.  He takes some amazingly beautiful photos, uses color in his text, writes in such a way as to engage his audience, and never, never leaves you bored.

This photo from Michael's contest entry (titled Spring Fresh: ‘Tis Spring - Spring Fresh Contest)  makes my point.

It doesn't matter who you are, or whether you found this page by accident.  You can't look away from that image.

I can think of twelve or more different posts I could write with that photo as the anchor.  I won't do it, though; it's Michael's photo.

I want to know if this is his grandchild, and if so, where Grandma was while Michael was adjusting the focus on his camera.

Click the link and go comment on his post.  Tell him I sent you.  Tell him enquiring minds want to know more...


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Comment balloon 29 commentsMike Jones • April 13 2009 10:48PM
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I subscribe to Michael Thornton 's blog. He takes some amazingly beautiful photos, uses color in his text, writes in such a way as to engage his audience, and never, never leaves you bored. This photo from Michael's contest entry.. more
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