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Arizona? Think Again! This Is California!

Mike in Tucson:  Photographing the Fence

Arizona?  Think again!  This is California.  And that's California's fence. 

Michael & Ginny in Carlsbad, CAWe Tucsonans (my Darlin and I) spent some hard-earned money in California last weekend. 

Boycotting Arizona

We didn't boycott the boycotters. 

This fence is the border between Mexico and California.  I didn't see any Californians protesting their fence.  I imagine they built it because California didn't want an open border.

We were stopped for no reason when we crossed the border from Arizona to California.  Armed men looked in our car (the one with the Arizona license plate.)

We had to stop not once, not twice, but THREE times to be checked on the way in! 


I've heard that fences make for good neighbors.  Have you heard that?

Maybe the Californians boycotting Arizona ought to look in their own back yard first.  I'm just sayin...


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