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Blogging In the "Rain" Forest? I'm Keeping An Eye Out For You!

I've been keeping an eye out for you.

I'm keeping an eye out for you.  Active Rain Newbies, that is. 

Wind the clock back to July 2007.

I hadn't been blogging in the Rain very long when I ran into a brick wall.  I needed help, and at age 58, I wasn't real used to asking for it.  I was used to figuring out things for myself.  I guess it was a point of pride with me that I was pretty good at figuring things out, and yet finding a way to make this blogging thing pay off had me bamboozled.

As a child, I grew up in the rainforest of South America.  That bird's photo is about 45 years old.  The people I lived among called themselves "Tirio."  In their Amerindian society, people learned at a very young age to offer help when help was needed.  They learned something else along the way--to accept help graciously when it was needed.  

That's something our society avoids - accepting help when offered.  "I don't need your help."  I'd fallen into that trap.

The Active Rain Real Estate Network changed all that for me.  Once again, I was the newbie.  The learner.  And I had a lot to learn about blogging for results.  Business results.  Google Juice.  SEO.  Tags.  Metatags.  Long tail.  And I found, in this "Rain" Forest, a lot of willing teachers. 

I've become one of those willing teachers.

If you're a newbie, especially if you're an Arizona Newbie, I'll be keeping an eye out for you.  Don't be surprised when I call to offer help.  As a Rainmaker, you can come up the curve a whole lot faster than I did.  Your business can benefit.  If your serious about Active Rain, I'm serious about helping you succeed.

I'm an Active Rain Ambassador, and I'm keeping an eye out for you. 
(...and it's okay if you call me first.  :)


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