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Tucson AZ Attraction - Arizona WILDFLOWERS - Tucson Estates II

California poppies in Tucson, AZ

Residents of Tucson Estates II have to look no further than their backyard to find ARIZONA WILDFLOWERS.


PollinatorDecember rains trigger a profusion of spring flowers in the Arizona desert.  Our gated community, Tucson Estates II (Zip Code 85713) is surrounded by a natural preserve of more than 20,000 acres, Tucson Mountain Park.

The desert floor, usually painted with muted greens of cacti and browns of bare caliche soil, turns vibrant green as the wildflowers push out of the ground with their first leaves. 

Then comes unbelievable beauty for a place so long in drought as buds turn to flowers and they spread their petals to drink in the sun and attract pollinators.

As dusk approaches, our California poppies (tourists who decided to put down roots) fold up their tents in preparation for nightfall.

Ocotillo in Tucson Mountain ParkArizona wildflowers aren't limited to the desert floor.  Bright red flames adorn the tips of an unusual desert plant, the Ocotillo. You'll see them everywhere in Tucson Estates II and the surrounding Tucson Mountain Park.

Most of the year, these tall plants look like long dead sticks. 

In the month of March, however, they flower, feeding migrating hummingbirds with their nectar.

If you're planning to buy a home in Tucson Estates II, call me.  I've lived in this community for more than a decade, and I'm always glad to introduce new friends. 

I look forward to showing you our Arizona wildflowers.




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