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This Is Why They Call It A "Forest" of Giant Saguaros

Saguaro Forest: Mike in Tucson, Mortgage Lender

~ Forest of Giant Saguaros ~

Dwarfed by Giant Saguaro: Mike in Tucson, Mortgage LenderSunday evening, and I took a break from NFL football to capture the last rays of the setting sun for my Active Rain blog ~ and for you. 

Late November sunset: Mike in Tucson, Mortgage LenderThe sunset was beautiful, but this view, looking away from the setting sun, captured my imagination. 

These Giant Saguaros are taller than telephone poles, and the camera doesn't do them justice. 

You'll get a better idea of their size from the photo on the right. 

Standing next to a Giant Saguaro, one feels small and insignificant.  In our "it's all about me" society, this probably is a good thing to experience once in a while.  It's one of the reasons I enjoy hiking in the Sonoran desert, alone with nature and its creatures.

If you haven't been to Saguaro National Park (West) it's something to put on your bucket list.  I took the photo above at the Visitors Center on Kinney Road, a few miles west of our home.

Call me if you're coming to Tucson.  I'll make time to share its secrets with you.  Make sure you bring a camera!


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