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Desert Oddity: Ironwood Gargoyle #1

Ironwood Gargoyle: Mike in Tucson, AZ mortgage lender

~Ironwood Gargoyle #1~

Everyone has favorite haunts--special places to go and get away from the everyday.  Some of my favorite haunts are deep canyon washes (arroyos) frequented by few humans and many desert creatures.

Zebra Tailed Lizard: Mike in Tucson, AZ mortgage lenderSome of these creatures are animated, like the Zebra Tailed Lizard on the right.  This little guy makes a living off of spiders, beetles, bees, wasps and moths.  He'll sit quietly on the sandy floor of the wash and suddenly leap several body-lengths to grab a flying insect out of the air.

Other less active (though still very much alive) desert creatures peer silently at my approach, and watch as I pass by.  This Ironwood Gargoyle is one of those...

Unseen by the casual observer, he comes into sharper focus as the sun sets in the west, casting its long yellow rays up the canyon and painting shadows on his craggy face.  You can see that the searing summer sun has taken its toll on his complexion. 

Ironwood Gargoyle #1 has friends up and down this particular wash in Saguaro National Park's Tucson Mountain District.  You'll want to come back sometime soon and see them...


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