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HONESTY...a Parable

 It's called Honesty, and it will grow in your garden.  Google "honesty" and a plant pops to the top of the charts!  Or the front of the page.  Or something like that.

The plant comes in two varities: an annual version, and the perennial version.  The annual version will grace your garden for a season, so long as it is warmed by the sun and caressed by the rain.

When winter comes, annual Honesty shrivels and dies.

The perennial version of Honesty also graces your garden during the good times of sun and rain.  Unlike its abbreviated sister, however, it is firmly anchored in the garden soil, and the winter snows bother its soul not a bit.

And so in the springtime, it's still there, pushing up fresh tendrils of Honesty for all to see and admire.

The End

Tell us more!  Tell us more! 
My seven grandchildren love it when Grandpa'nArizona (it comes out as one word) makes up stories for them to hear.

To them it's entertainment.  It's attention from a great big man sitting on the floor and answering a million questions.  To me it's a chance to plant a thought, an idea, in their young minds.

If you do this with your children or grandchildren, Honesty makes a particularly good object lesson.  You can buy the pods at a craft store like Michael's.

 The plant first got it's name in the sixteenth century.  Look at the dried pod in Paul Slichter's photograph, and it's easy to see how someone would name the plant "Honesty." 

It's absolutely transparent.  You can see into its innermost being.

Do your real estate clients see your Honesty as the annual variety?  The kind that disappears when things aren't so easy as they were just a year ago?  Or do they see the perennial Honesty that comes through when times are hard? 

I had a stated-income borrower (I lend for a living) suggest to me that his self-employed status might be seen by the underwriter as W-2 employee status if I would only put the name of the corporation who does his payroll as the employer.  After all, that's where his checks have been coming from for years. 

We didn't do that, and we didn't lose the client either.  But if it came down to it, I'd lose the client before I'd keep the loan.  Honestly, I would.

photos courtesy of Wikipedia
and Paul Slichter


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