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February Sunset in The Old Pueblo, Tucson, AZ

Sunset from Lone Star Drive, Tucson Estates 2, in the Tucson Mountains

I haven't been blogging for nearly a week, and I have to say, I miss the Rain.  My camera hasn't had a break, though.  This evening, driving home from the third closing in as many days, (yay!!) I was singing as I came up the Ajo pass on my way home.  Do you ever do that?  Just break into song because your heart is happy?

Driving up the Ajo pass toward Kinney Road, I could see that the western horizon was clear, although the sky above was cloudy.  In Tucson, this is the stuff of magical sunsets.  The setting sun's rays sneak up under the clouds, and the sky turns to fire! 

I called my Darlin' to say that I'd be home half an hour late.  I had to capture the setting sun.

This was my favorite.  I'll share more during the week.  (And have you been listening to the Golf Channel or ESPN?  Tiger Woods is in town.)  Come visit!

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