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Ready. Set. (oh, wait...) Ready! Set! (hmmm...) OK then. Ready...



Listening to Seth Godin at 4:00 a.m.

I'm an early riser most days.  Early morning hours are a time when the only interruption comes from my own overactive brain.  Yesterday morning was such a time.  I was listening to Seth being interviewed on Behind the Brand with Bryan Elliott, and one thing he said captured my imagination.  "The only way we're going to get good at our craft is to DO our craft--not study our craft."  My mind jumped to the image you see in this post.  Here's why:

 Left to my druthers, I'm much more of a "study it to death first" person than I am a "doer."  I really, really want it to be good before I launch something on the internet.  It's a fault.  (I just read this aloud to my wife, and she agrees...)

Early April found me in Caddo, OK working cows on GlenMar Ranch.  Since 1995, I've only missed one year working the herd with my friend Dick Carson. When it comes to working cows, I'm a doer.  I learned the trade as a teenager between high school and college, working for a family friend on a one-mile-square dairy operation in upstate New York owned at the time by Happy Rockefeller. 

Driving home to Tucson through New Mexico, we stopped at the Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum.  It's a place worth visiting more than once!  A living museum, it's home to live cattle, horses, and even a working blacksmith shop.  It's where I met Billy Provence, the master blacksmith you see in my image above, plying his trade the way things were done in the 1800s. We struck up a conversation about tradecraft.  His is blacksmithing.  Mine is mortgage lending. 

The conversation that ensued brought to mind Seth Godin's quote on the photo above.  'The only way we're going to get good at our craft is to DO our craft--not STUDY our craft.  More doing, less jawboning.  That's my theme for today.

 Ready?  Set!  GO!


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Ready. Set. (oh, wait… ) Ready! Set! (hmmm… ) OK then. Ready…
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